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Cory's Tattoo Schedule

Cory's books are now closed.  He will be opening his schedule for April/May/June on March 1st.  Please contact us then for tattoo appointments. 

Cory is still scheduling consults.  Please contact us through for more information.

Ryan has availability in March and April, please contact us through to set up a consult and to schedule an appointment.



Awarded Top 3 Tattoo Shops in Sioux Falls

Once again we have been awarded as one of the "Top 3 Tattoo Shops" in Sioux Falls by ThreeBestRatedcom.  You can read more about their 50 point inspection by clicking here.

We do our best to tattoo exactly what our clients are looking for and to exceed expectations.  Here at Red Arbor Tattoos, we strive to give a relaxing environment to help clients feel comfortable as we go through the process of creating the best tattoos we can.

Check out more of our work on instagram and and facebook.


We have also added a quick post to our google page with similar information that can be found here.


New Tattoo Artist!

We would like to introduce our newest tattoo artist to Red Arbor Tattoos.  His name is Ryan Tieszen and he has been tattooing since 2010.  He has worked in many shops and is a Sioux Falls local.  More of his biography can be found on our artists page here.

He has already shown his dedication to tattooing while attending a tattoo convention not too far away from Minneapolis, MN.  He won 1st place best portrait at Walker, MN Northern Light tattoo convention hosted by Tattoo You.

His portfolio can be found on instagram @ryanteiszen

Check out more information on our google post by clicking here.


Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a very fun time of year for our artists at Red Arbor Tattoo.  We not only enjoy the festivities, but also appreciate the history. 

According to the Time's article The Real Reason People Carve Jack-O'-Lanterns for Halloween.  The reason we call pumpkins Jack-O-Lanterns is based on how a man named Jack, tricked the devil.  Jack was a cheapskate and was a mischevious individual.  He enjoyed playing tricks and pranks on people.  One day, he wanted a pint of ale, but didn't have any coins to pay for it.  He bargained with the devil to turn into a coin so he could pay for his drink in return for his soul.  As soon as the devil tranformed into a coin, Jack grabbed him and put him in his pocket with a small cross and trapped him.  Jack was able to make the devil agree to never take his soul and he freed the devil. 

Jack not only fooled the devil once, but there are other stories where he fooled him many times.  Every story is a little different, but they all end with Jack finally passing away and isn't allowed to enter heaven due to his shennanigans.  Upon reaching the gates of hell, the devil keeps his word and doesn't allow Jack to enter.  Instead, Jack had to walk the earth for eternity while carrying a lantern made out of a turnip and hot coal.  Originally, people used turnips, but now our culure has evolved into using pumpkins to ward off evil spirits.


Have a Happy Halloween!


Realistic Cat Portrait in Traditional Frame

The client sat through a long session in a painful spot on the top of her thigh.  She sat phenomenal as we finished up this tattoo.  There wasn't just one realistic cat portrait, but 2.  The cat portraits were a lot of fun and I enjoyed putting them into the ornate frame.
Realism tattooing is always fun, especially when working on pet portraits.  Realistic pet portraits can take a lot of time (anywhere between 4 to 10 hours).  I'm not sure the exact total time, but it was a long session.  Especially since the previous day, we tattooed her other thigh. 
We added the ornate frames to help contrast the realism as well as give a border.  They help to give a finished look to the piece instead of making it look like a floating head. 

I had a lot of fun working on these, and would love to do more.  If interested, contact us through the contact page to this website.  Thanks for looking!

Feel free to check out more of our tattoo videos on youtube

If interested in adopting any pets, check out Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.


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